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Side Kick

Peter Shilton is delighted to act as the ambassador for Side Kick soccer machine. Side Kick helps expose both the weaknesses and technical brilliance in players of all levels. Its consistency of service eliminates frustration and lost training time due to irregular ball feeds.

What can it do?

-       Delivers any speed, any spin, and any direction at any height.
-       More efficient training. 100% uptime, with no wasted balls.
-       Enhances player’s skills, reflexes and reaction times.
-       Suitable from Youth to Senior Professional abilities.
-       Enables coaches to better understand strengths and weaknesses.

Peter having experienced many of the problems aforementioned was a natural choice of ambassador for this project. He said ‘I would have benefited hugely from the accuracy and repetitive nature of a coaching machine such as this. To be able to have crosses sent over or to have free kicks fired at me on a continual basis was a luxury I didn’t have when I was playing. Side Kick is the answer to those small inefficiency left in coaching. This is a must have for any coach or club looking to get the best out of their players’.

Peter will be actively involved in the development of this project. He is excited and motivated to make sure this is a must have tool for all those who are passionate about getting the most out of their team.

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peter shilton sidekick 2